All New Coding Competition

Take the course

After registering for the contest click the link below to take the free coding courses. 


Upon finishing the free coding courses, practice your skills to prepare for the test.

Apply Your Knowledge 

Students will apply their knowledge at the olympiad in a 20 question coding test.


  • All students must take part in the math aspect of the contest
  • Students can choose to be part of the coding contest
  • All content will be provided via online courses
  • Students do not need prior coding experience to compete, although prior knoweldge will expedite the studying process

Take the Courses

  • Visit: For free online coding courses at
  • All content for the coding test will be taken from content
  • Questions will come from courses A-F
  • Students with prior coding experience can take the express course
  • Be sure to study the "show code" aspect of the courses, not just the block codes